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Ultimate List of Fertility Resources

Below find a list of additional resources that can help answer your questions about IVF.

Best Fertility Apps

From FitPregnancy, here are 2017's best fertility apps for your smartphone.  From baby-making to tracking your fertility cycle, "there's an app for that".

Fertility Awareness Calendar

What is the calendar method? Get answers, and use this calendar to track your most fertile days.  From Planned Parenthood.

Ovulation Calculator

WebMD's ovulation calculator can help you quickly track your most fertile days from month to month.

What does "total fertility rate" mean?

Wikipedia helps explain the term total fertility rate definition (TFR).

The Female Reproductive System

The Cleveland Clinic gives a full overview of the female reproductive system, answering questions like "How many eggs does a woman have?"

U.S. Fertility Rate 2017

The Washington Post comments on 2017 statistics on the total U.S. fertility rate.

Fertility Rate: Total Births per Woman (World)

WorldBank.org's updated statistics on the total female fertility rate throughout the world.


the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.

Fertility Test for Women

Information on fertility tests from WebMD.

Fertility Massage

Does massage therapy aid fertility treatments?