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Ava Bracelet Reviews

The Ava bracelet is a device that helps women track their fertility window.

However, it can also be used to keep better track of your menstrual cycle and how well you sleep.

Because of this, it gives women a pretty good overall picture of their reproductive health.

At YourFertilityFriend.com, we want you to have all the information you need to make informed decisions about women’s health.

Learn more about the Ava bracelet, how it works, and if it’s a purchase worth making.

How the Ava Fertility Bracelet Works 

The Ava Fertility bracelet helps you detect your fertility window, so you know when you are able to get pregnant.

You wear the bracelet while you sleep and it tracks five different physiological signs that signal fertility.

Most fertility trackers only track your period and your temperature, but because the Ava bracelet tracks other signals, you know when your fertile window is starting and when it ends.

How Does Ava Predict Ovulation?

Ava tracks five different physiological signals to help identify your fertility window — basal temperature, resting pulse rate, breathing rate, heart rate variability ratio, and perfusion.

It also tracks your sleep cycles and movement, which can tell you if you’re not resting well or if you’re stressed.

Your basal temperature is the lowest your body temperature reaches while you’re sleeping.

Most women measure this by taking their temperature orally as soon as they wake up, before doing any form of physical activity.

However, this doesn’t give them a true basal body temperature. Because the Ava bracelet tracks your temperature while you’re asleep, you get a more accurate reading. It’s normally several degrees lower than an oral reading.

Average skin temperature is between 90.5 and 98.2 degrees when taken in a room that’s between 64.5 and 77 degrees.

Typically, women experience their lowest basal temperature right before ovulation. It increases about 0.4 degrees when you ovulate.

To use this method to track your fertility, you need to chart your basal temperature daily. You should also keep close track of your menstrual cycle.

When watching the information the Ava bracelet tracks, you should also pay close attention to your resting heart rate.

Typically, a woman’s resting heartbeat rises about 2.1 beats per minute when the fertility window begins.

Perfusion is the process of supplying blood to your body. The rate changes to warm you up or cool you down.

However, perfusion is typically lowest at the start of your fertility window and highest in the luteal phase (right after ovulation).

Do You Have to Wear the Ava Bracelet all the Time? 

You don’t wear the Ava bracelet all the time. You actually only wear it at night when you’re sleeping.

Your body needs to be fully resting during the tracking period, so you shouldn’t wear it during the day.

Ava Fertility Bracelet Review

If you want to use the Ava bracelet during your family planning process, you should take a few minutes to read reviews from different websites first and compare them to the information we’ve gathered for this article.

While this information is complete, you can find more reviews by searching “Ava fertility tracking bracelet reviews,” “Ava bracelet reviews 2019,” and “Ava pregnancy bracelet reviews.” That way you’re sure you’re purchasing the best fertility monitor for you.

The Bracelet: 

How long does Ava bracelet battery last? 

The Ava bracelet’s battery is designed to run overnight on a full charge.

You should plug your Ava bracelet in and let it charge all day or start charging it about three hours before bed. This way the battery doesn’t die in the middle of the night.

How do you know if Ava is working? 

The Ava bracelet has an LED indicator light that shows you when it’s connected, charged, and needs charged.

When you’re wearing the bracelet, the indicator light will show a solid green when Ava is properly charged and working. The light will change to red if the bracelet needs to be re-paired or charged.

Ava 2.0 reviews 

Ava 2.0 is the newest Ava model, as of October 2019. When compared to Ava 1.2, you’ll notice the 2.0 version has a sleeker overall design.

It’s also more comfortable and a bit lighter than the older model.

The newer model works the same way as older versions of the bracelet. Like previous models, the Ava bracelet metal ring sits flat against your wrist at night to track the required data.

However, Ava 2.0 syncs wirelessly, via Bluetooth, so you don’t need to plug it in during the syncing process. It also has a vibrating alarm feature to wake you up in the morning.

The App: 

If you’ve been trying to conceive for a while, you may have used other tracking apps to monitor your menstrual cycle. The app that connects to the Ava bracelet is probably a bit different though.

Instead of entering all of your information, the app syncs with your Ava bracelet to track the information for you.

Using the tracked information, the app estimates the date you’ll start your period and when you’re ovulating. If the estimated date is incorrect, you do have the ability to change it.

You can also enter other menstrual cycle symptoms as you experience them, which gives you a pretty accurate picture of your health to share with your doctor.

Also, you can still use the Ava chart when pregnant to track your heart rate and sleeping patterns.

Level of Difficulty: 

The Ava bracelet isn’t difficult to use at all. You simply follow the included instructions to pair the bracelet to the Ava app on your smartphone.

Then, the bracelet does the work for you. Chances are, the hardest part of the process is remembering to put the bracelet on before you go to bed.

The Cost: 

How much does ava bracelet cost?

As of October 2019, the Ava bracelet costs $299. This covers the bracelet, the Ava app, in-app pregnancy tracking, and exclusive access to the Ava community. 

You can choose to purchase the Ava bracelet bundle for $399 instead. The bundle includes an e-book to guide you through your fertility journey and a one-year guarantee of pregnancy. So if you aren’t expecting after using Ava for one year, you get a refund.

Ava bracelet discounts

You can get a discount on your Ava bracelet when you purchase through Ava’s refer-a-friend program.

To use the program, someone you know needs to send you their referral link and you need to use it to purchase your Ava bracelet. It gives you a $20 discount and earns your friend a $20 reward gift card.

If you’re looking for a way to get a free Ava bracelet, the referral program might be a good option for you.

While you have to purchase your bracelet upfront, you receive a $20 Visa gift card for every paying customer you refer. So if you refer 15 customers to Ava, you recoup the cost of your bracelet.

If you don’t have a referral link and don’t want to pay full price for your bracelet, you can try to find an Ava fertility bracelet for sale used.

However, if possible, you should try to purchase your bracelet new to ensure the bracelet functions correctly.

The Results: 

When you use Ava, the app tells you which five days per month you’re likely to conceive.

However, this isn’t something that happens right away. Every woman is different, so it’s understandable that the app needs to gather a few month’s worth of data to really work well.

The more data the app gathers, the more accurate the information displayed is, which gives you a higher chance of conceiving.

Overall, Ava’s proprietary algorithm achieves an 89% accuracy rate at detecting 5.3 fertile days per month, which is why there are there are countless Ava bracelet success stories shared online.

Keep in mind, the app doesn’t detect when you are pregnant. You still need to take a normal pregnancy test to discover that.

Pros of Using the Ava Fertility Bracelet: 

The Ava bracelet pregnancy tracker has become a pretty common method of tracking a woman’s fertility window each month, and it’s pretty easy to see why. 

Ava is simple to use. You don’t have to track your own data and write everything down manually, and you don’t have to worry about taking your own temperature every morning. 

The bracelet has also been through clinical testing with over 200 women, and it’s FDA registered and CE certified.

Also, if you purchased the Ava bracelet bundle and you aren’t pregnant within one year, you get a refund.

Cons of the Ava Fertility Bracelet: 

Some of the Ava bracelet bad reviews stem from people complaining about the company’s one-year guarantee.

However, it’s important to understand that the Ava bracelet isn’t magic. You won’t get pregnant because you’re wearing it. Your chances increase because you’re properly monitoring your fertility window, but it might take you more than a year to get pregnant.

All the company is saying with its guarantee is that if it takes you longer, they’ll refund your money.

One major Ava bracelet con is that it isn’t ideal for women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), which is common in women of reproductive age, or for women with cycles over 35 days long.

Ava Bracelet Reviews from Customers 

When deciding whether to purchase a fertility tracker, you should read as many of the Ava bracelet reviews as possible.

Amazon has mixed reviews for the Ava 2.0 bracelet with an overall rating of 3 out of 5 stars. However, there weren’t a lot of reviews and the majority of the complaints were from people who happened to get a faulty bracelet.

The reviews discussing the data provided when wearing the bracelet are all positive.

In Ava bracelet reviews, PCOS was mentioned quite a bit as women with the condition want to be able to rely on Ava’s data.

Fortunately, it seems the company is in the process of testing Ava on women with PCOS so it may be compatible in the future.

Overall, the majority of online information we gathered about the bracelet is positive.

Keep in mind, when reading Ava bracelet reviews, irregular cycles and PCOS can affect the results, which could be the case for some of the women having negative opinions.

But even with a handful of negative reviews available, the bracelet still seems highly recommended overall.

The Verdict: Is Ava Bracelet Worth It? 

Does the Ava bracelet really work?

The Ava bracelet does work. It’s not going to magically make you become pregnant, but it does track all of the data the company says it tracks with 89% accuracy.

How reliable is the Ava bracelet?

The Ava bracelet tracks five physiological signals with 89% accuracy. The company says the data collected gives you 5.3 days of fertility, which is more than most fertility trackers.

The reason the Ava bracelet is more accurate is because you aren’t entering the information into your charting app manually, which leaves more room for inaccuracies.

How effective is Ava bracelet? 

If you’re using the Ava bracelet to track your fertility window, it is pretty effective.

It tracks five physiological signals with 89% accuracy. You’ll find plenty of Ava success stories online too.

Keep in mind though, the Ava bracelet won’t work well for all women. If you have PCOS or irregular periods, it may not be a good option for you.

Who Is the Ava Fertility Bracelet For? 

The Ava bracelet is designed for women who want to track their fertility window so they know when it’s time to conceive.

You can even use the Ava bracelet and Clomid together. It will pick up on the hormonal changes the medicine causes.

However, the Ava bracelet and PCOS don’t play well together. You also shouldn’t use the bracelet to avoid pregnancy or while you’re on hormonal birth control.

The bracelet’s data won’t be accurate if you’re using hormonal birth control and it isn’t accurate enough to completely prevent pregnancy.

To avoid getting pregnant, you’re much better off using other methods of contraception.